The Keith Bohle Financial
Retirement PLAN

A 100% custom retirement plan showing you how to lower your taxes, optimize investments, and maximimize your retirement payout.

We are retirement and financial planning
experts and do our best work with:

Expert Advice

People who value expert help because retirement
is too important.

Diligent savers

Those who have been saving for retirement who
need guidance.

The Keith Bohle Retirement PLAN Process

A custom plan showing you how to reduce taxes, optimize investments, and maximize retirement income.

Step #1

Complimentary Intro Meeting (45-min)

In addition to a friendly conversation, we will use this meeting to ensure your situation matches our expertise.

We will also clearly explain our service model + answer ALL of your questions. No decisions are required at this meeting.

Step #2

Discovery Meeting (60-min)

One week prior, we will collect prior year’s Tax Returns, Investment Statement(s), and any Annuity & Life Insurance Policy Statement(s).

During the meeting, we will verify all data collected is accurate, ask important questions, and get crystal clear on your retirement needs and concerns.

Step #3

Plan Delivery Meeting (90-min)

In this 90-min meeting, we will present your custom Keith Bohle Financial Retirement PLAN.

The plan includes our findings + actionable steps for lowering your tax bill, optimizing investments, and maximizing retirement income.

(Note: Sometimes one more meeting is necessary. You might have more questions or want to see another scenario presented. If so, we will happily accommodate!)

FINAL STEP: Consider Keith Bohle Financial Retirement PLUS

With your plan complete, you’ll have two options: 1) Implement on your own; or 2) Hire us to do the heavy lifting for you!

Keith Bohle Financial Retirement PLUS is our full-service solution and includes the following services:

There is never a hard-sell or pressure to say “yes” to our full-service model. We are here to support you and your needs so you can achieve your retirement goals.

Step #1: Schedule Your Free Intro Meeting

This is NOT a sales call. The purpose of this meeting is to answer your questions + determine if our expertise and service model matches your needs.

At the end of the meeting, you will be able to answer this question: “Does it make sense for Keith Bohle Financial to build a custom retirement & tax plan for me?”